exit ex‧it [ˈegzt, ˈekst] verb [intransitive, transitive]
1. to leave a market, a type of business, or an agreement:

• The bank has made great efforts to exit the long-term lending business.

exit from

• The company plans to exit from the real estate business and concentrate on insurance.

— exit noun [singular] :

• The deal marks their exit from the auto insurance market.

2. COMPUTING to stop using a computer program:

• Press F3 to exit.

* * *

exit UK US /ˈeksɪt/ verb [I or T]
to stop working for a company or doing a particular business activity: »

Departing executives usually exit the company almost immediately.


Four cruise ships are being sold off as the company plans to exit its cruise-line operations.

exit from sth »

We are exiting from retail to focus on distribution.

FINANCE to stop investing in something: »

Owners of the stock, which closed at 205p yesterday, should not exit now.

exit from sth »

Nervous investors exited from property shares.

IT to stop using a computer program: »

Remember to save your work before you exit.


exit the program/site/game

exit UK US /ˈeksɪt/ noun [C]
the act of stopping working for a company or doing a particular business activity: sb's exit from sth »

He spoke honestly about the company's exit from television.

an exit strategy/route »

Make sure you have an exit strategy in case the job doesn't work out.

FINANCE a way of stopping investing in something: »

It acquired its shares at 90p and is known to be looking for an exit.

the act of ending an agreement, for example a contract or a loan: an exit from sth »

They successfully negotiated an exit from the contract.


an exit charge/penalty/fee

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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